New Talent

HistSoc sporting opportunities have become increasingly popular over the past two years. Our new members every year have helped to strengthen the core of the team, so if you are interested, please do get in touch with either of the Sports Officers.


We have had incredibly successful years with HistSoc’s football team. The team, led by our returning sports exec Fred, finished top of the Sunday League last year and have been going from strength to strength since! We wish the team well in this year’s competition and welcome all the new freshers to come and take part!


As one of the leading society netball teams in years past, this year we aim to make HistSoc netball the best! With brand new kit, we know this year’s team is looking bigger and better. Playing in matches every Saturday and causally training for anyone in HistSoc on Sunday, our netball team should be on the top of your to-do list!


When we are not on the pitch or the court, we like to celebrate a win or drown our losses. Our first social was to Kasbah last year, and we will hopefully follow this up with a second towards the end of this year (with some trophies in the bag)!