Mentorship Scheme

This year, we will be continuing with our mentor scheme which runs between all year groups, providing freshers the opportunity to have a second year mentor and for our second years, a third year mentor. This is to allow all members to benefit from the knowledge of their peers when it comes to essays/exams and hopefully enable them to gain in confidence (and grades!). It also allows members to come together over a common interest and meet those from different year groups.

Skill Workshops

Essay and exam workshops will be run throughout the year by the exec but will have both lecturers and seminar tutors attending to give the best possible advice and assistance. Further information on upcoming workshops will be published on here as well as on the Facebook page and in emails, so make sure you follow us on all our social media!!

Renowned Speakers

Additionally, we will put on a number of academic talks, both to increase your interest in the subject as well as to help you with your course. These talks are completely varied to make sure we appeal to everyone’s interests! Information on when and where these are happening will be updated in the near future and published on Facebook and via email.


This year we are introducing a new HistSoc blog. We are looking to not only encourage you to write about topics that interest you, but also to create a professional blog that you’ll be proud to contribute towards. There will be various opportunities to get involved, from writing to editing to designing. If you would like to view our blog click here.

If you would like to write for us, send us a message on the contact us page!