Kiera Thomas : President

Kiera Thomas


As President of HistSoc, my aim is for the society to continue to be recognised as one of the best and most rewarding societies on campus. I would like to ensure members get the best out of what Warwick and HistSoc can offer both academically and socially! On behalf of all the exec, we hope HistSoc, in all its capacities, will add to your Warwick experience.

Mohammed Abraar : Vice President

Mohammed Abraar

Vice President

In my role as Vice President this year, I work closely in supporting the President and the rest of the exec in the day to day smooth running of the society. I am looking forward to ensuring an amazing year ahead for HistSoc!

Ryan Allison : Treasurer and Secretary

Ryan Allison

Treasurer and Secretary

This year I'm aiming to maintain the already solid relationships with past and current sponsors, which should therefore benefit students both now and in the future when they begin to think about their career prospects!

Jenny Beresford : Academic and Welfare

Jenny Beresford

Academic and Welfare

This year I'm looking forward to diversifying the academic events that HistSoc offers, while also making sure that we cater to the welfare needs of every student to the best of our abilities. I can't wait to get to work!

Victoria Davies-Williams : Marketing and Communications

Victoria Davies-Williams

Marketing and Communications

As half of the marketing and communications team, it is my job to keep you updated with all the latest news from HistSoc via our social media, so follow us!

Bethan Burke : Marketing and Communications

Bethan Burke

Marketing and Communications

I can't wait to do everything I did with HistSoc last year again but to also tell everyone about it!!

Matt Delaney : Careers and Alumni

Matt Delaney

Careers and Alumni

HistSoc has always been well known on campus for its extra-curricular activities and the opportunities it presents. I'm excited to add to its legacy by widening the range of careers talks so that everyone at HistSoc knows there's something out there for them in life after Warwick.

Oscar Mayhew : Charity

Oscar Mayhew


This year I'm looking forward to expanding the charitable efforts of HistSoc, particularly focussing on homelessness in Leamington Spa, building upon an important part of one of the most vibrant and engaging societies on campus!

Sophie Kean : History of Art

Sophie Kean

History of Art

As history of art officer for histsoc my aim is to expand history of art society by hosting more events and socials than ever before. We also hope to collaborate more with histsoc as well as other societies on campus.

Kiera Ranger : History of Art

Kiera Ranger

History of Art

As co-president of history of art I am involved in ensuring everything runs smoothly in the committee and help manage the exec members of history of art as well as liaise with history society. I am excited to help History of Art develop as a society and welcome new members during the year ahead.

Josh Hillman : Medieval

Josh Hillman


As well as helping out the other Exec when I can my role as Medieval Officer involves arranging academic talks and module assistance to do with all things medieval!

Georgia Dithcfield : Social

Georgia Dithcfield


Being a freshers rep last year made me get to know and love the HistSoc family even more and now it's my favourite part of my uni life! I can't wait to throw socials with Curtis this year that are even bigger and better than before.

Curtis Rose : Social

Curtis Rose


We plan to deliver a broad range of socials that offer a fantastic opportunity to help you fully integrate yourself into the society by bridging the gap between year groups. What’s better than making purple-stained memories or achieving eternal glory at the Duck Pub Quiz? At HistSoc, there’s something for everyone!

George Roberts : Tour

George Roberts


This year I hope to make Tour an experience that gets remembered in the history books.

Tom Dignum : Tour

Tom Dignum


When campus starts to live up to expectation of the 'Warwick bubble', it's time to broaden your horizons and take part in our trips and tour. They'll be worth the experience.

Darcy Coop : Ball

Darcy Coop


My aim is to organise a great evening for everyone from ever year to bond with people you may not even have met yet, and to have fun with everyone on the course.

Millie Jones : Ball

Millie Jones


Myself and Darcy’s role is to organise the ball, which is the biggest social event of the HistSoc calendar! Our main roles include booking a venue, bringing together a committee to help with organisation and ensuring we stay on budget. We are looking forward to organising the ball which we hope will have a buzzing atmosphere, be good value for money and bring together all years!

Fred Newman : Sport

Fred Newman


I am looking forward to continuing the progress that HistSoc FC made last year. The team has achieved great success on the field and become an even closer group that is looking forward to new members joining the team.

Lizzie Guy : Sport

Lizzie Guy


I am very excited to welcome new members of HistSoc netball this year. With no emphasis on ability or degree discipline, this is a great opportunity to have fun and be active! Looking forward to getting started!

Anna Manfredi : President

Anna Manfredi


HistSoc was the best part of my freshers experience, and I'm looking forward to leading the society, welcoming new and returning members alike. I am excited to welcome our new branches, and to work with the entire exec to provide you with the best HistSoc experience possible.

Oscar Mayhew : Vice President

Oscar Mayhew

Vice President

My responsibility is assisting the president, as well as supporting the co-ordination of the rest of the exec in order to help make HistSoc the most vibrant subject society on campus! I’m 20, and a second year studying history on the modern-stream.

Jollie Beadle : Treasurer and Secretary

Jollie Beadle

Treasurer and Secretary

This year I hope to get the best out of our sponsors through career talks and subsidies for social events!

Charlie May : Marketing and Communications Officer

Charlie May

Marketing and Communications Officer

As your Marketing and Communications Officers we are in charge of keeping everyone up to date with society events in the weekly newsletters, via our social media accounts or on the website.

Richard Quarshie : Marketing and Communications Officer

Richard Quarshie

Marketing and Communications Officer

In short, if anything’s happening we’ll make sure you know about it.

Jayaram Raghuveer : Social Secretary

Jayaram Raghuveer

Social Secretary

We want to deliver a range of big socials to help you strike that balance between slaving away in the library and out actually having some fun– coffee mornings for the mentor scheme, charity nights out, a pre-tour circle and more! Don't worry, we will keep it totally historical.

Cameron Garrett : Social Secretary

Cameron Garrett

Social Secretary

We plan to use socials to integrate the society and bridge divisions between the year groups.

Freddie Reeves : Tour Secretary

Freddie Reeves

Tour Secretary

Like the great travellers of old, we aim to increase the collective knowledge of the Society through expeditions as worthy of commitment to history as those of Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama and Ernest Shackleton.

Neil Gordon : Tour Secretary

Neil Gordon

Tour Secretary

Strap up, HistSoc, because we're taking you places.

Sam Fattorusso : Academic and Welfare Officer

Sam Fattorusso

Academic and Welfare Officer

Anytime, anywhere, I'm there to support you!

Elenya Bye : Charities Officer

Elenya Bye

Charities Officer

This year as a society we plan on engaging in small scale local charity projects as well as fundraising for our new chosen charity, Mind. Help support HistSoc in achieving our volunteering and fundraising goals, lets give something back!

Lucy Heming : Careers and Alumni Officer

Lucy Heming

Careers and Alumni Officer

This year I’m really looking forward to giving our members a wide range of careers events, from workshops with our sponsors to talks from external speakers.

Antonia Marino : Ball Secretary

Antonia Marino

Ball Secretary

Having been part of HistSoc for three years, we look forward to planning and organising one final event for the whole society, welcoming all the new freshers and giving the finalists a great send off!

Michael Kynaston : Ball Secretary

Michael Kynaston

Ball Secretary

Our plan for the ball this year is to make it the biggest and best value for money HistSoc has done yet!

Thomas Newman : Medieval Officer

Thomas Newman

Medieval Officer

As Medieval Officer I will be providing opportunities for you to learn and gain new skills through the context of all things medieval, from academic guest speakers to re-enactment.

Caitlin Jones : History of Art Secretary

Caitlin Jones

History of Art Secretary

As the president of History of Art Society I will be responsible for working alongside HistSoc to provide you with art related fun and I look forward to seeing you at our events!

Fred Newman : Sports Officer (Football)

Fred Newman

Sports Officer (Football)

I'm really looking forward to developing the success of sport within HistSoc and I'm excited about the new sporting talent joining in October. I wouldn't say I'm the best societies football manager, but I’m in the top one!

Daniela Mizzen : Sports Officer (Netball)

Daniela Mizzen

Sports Officer (Netball)

The netball team has a fun and casual attitude which means that it's open to everyone of every ability. Please come along to our first training sessions. Looking forward to meeting you!

Michael Kynaston : President

Michael Kynaston


As the head of the executive board I’m delighted to welcome you to the society; I’m sure I speak for all of us on the exec when I say that HistSoc is guaranteed to be a great part of your Warwick experience. My main responsibilities involve the day-to-day running of the society.

Antonia Marino : Vice President

Antonia Marino

Vice President

My name is Antonia Marino, I am a second year student studying History on the modern stream and it is my role as HistSoc Vice President to support the President as well as each section co-ordinator with their roles.

Freddie Reynard : Treasurer

Freddie Reynard


My responsibilities include budgeting for HistSoc’s biggest events of the year such as our annual ball, both the domestic and foreign tour, recruiting sponsors and just generally ensuring the society is in excellent financial health.

Denis Selvidal Magee : Marketing & Communications

Denis Selvidal Magee

Marketing & Communications

It is my responsibility to keep you all updated with HistSoc news and events through a variety of media such as email, Facebook and Twitter. I am 20 and currently a Second year studying History and Politics.

Elenya Bye : Academic & Welfare

Elenya Bye

Academic & Welfare

My responsibilities lie in supporting our members, from essay workshops to mentoring schemes, guidance and care when needed. I also academic talks and working with the University’s History Department to ensure students get the best possible education here at Warwick.

Ed Biondini : Careers & Alumni

Ed Biondini

Careers & Alumni

I’m your first point of call for your career needs from the society. As a fourth year, I have strong links with recent alumni whom I am looking to bring back to guide us and to relive their good times at Warwick. I look forward to helping you out over the year.

Roxanne Wood : Social

Roxanne Wood


As social secretaries our role is to welcome everyone, especially the freshers to the society. We hope to organise plenty of socials throughout the year so that all of our members get to know each other outside of the classroom and throughly enjoy their time at Warwick. We have many fun and exciting events planed, including nights out, balls and day trips.

Jacob Badcock : Social

Jacob Badcock


We want to provide an environment where all HistSoc members feel comfortable and where all their social needs are catered for. HistSoc has been instrumental for many over the years in helping to form lifelong friendships with other students across several year groups through their mutual participation in HistSoc.

Lucy Heming : Tour

Lucy Heming


I’m responsible for organising both the domestic and foreign HistSoc tours. I love travelling and planning holidays, so I'm looking forward to organising both this years trips. Tour is a brilliant way to meet people and experience amazing places, as a result it sells out every year in minutes! I’m aiming to build on such past brilliant excursions as Prague and Budapest!

Victoria Botella : Ball

Victoria Botella


It is up to Ella and me to organise the HistSoc Ball, one of the biggest events in your first year at Warwick. We are in charge of the ball committee, along with arranging a venue, entertainment, food and drink as well as a great after-party! But above all, our responsibility as ball officer is to make the ball the best night of your life.

Ella Briggs : Ball

Ella Briggs


To help us achieve this we would love to see as many people as possible getting involved by applying to be in the ball committee and help us make this a night to go down in history! Being a part of the committee is a great way to meet new people and get involved in the society while having some fun along the way.

Bryony Defraize Dash : Sports

Bryony Defraize Dash


It is my responsibility to co-ordinate and organise a netball team to be entered into the intramural league. We are a friendly bunch so some along no matter what your experience of playing is. For those who want to get involved but aren’t into competitive matches I will also be running informal training sessions where people can come along to play socially.

Chris Nott : Sports

Chris Nott


As sports officer, I aim to create a supportive environment in which students can come together and share in their common passion of sport. I run the HistSoc football team that plays in the Warwick Intramural Leagues. We put out two sides in two different leagues providing plenty of playing time for anyone who’s interested; this year we’re aiming for silverware!